About PropCoin

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Why have we created PropCoin?
As the value of cryptocurrencies (primarily Bitcoin and Ethereum) have increased rapidly in recent months, many coin holders have now become vulnerable to excessive volatility in the market. With no real world tangible asset underpinning these new currencies, coin holders do not currently have a means to secure their wealth against these fluctuations.
Technical Specification
PropCoin is built upon the Ethereum network and aims to create the first AML and KYC compliant cryptocurrency which is asset-backed through real estate. In return, coin holders will benefit from both capital growth and rental income in a similar fashion to a traditional REIT, but with the added benefit of increased liquidity, no minimum investment threshold and lower overall fees. The coin enables participants to purchase a share of a property fund which will focus on income generating assets across a range of property sectors and geographies. The fund will be professionally managed and advised by a property consultant.
How is it going to work?
In order to raise funds an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will be undertaken. Upon token issuance, coin holders will receive PropCoins based on the trading price of their cryptocurrency contribution at the time of purchase. Unlike many other ICOs, PropCoin will not dilute the NAV through the distribution of tokens to the development team. A total of 50 million tokens will be created. The 50 million tokens in circulation will remain constant with no further coins being mined, thus preserving the intrinsic value of the token against the value of the underlying real estate. The closed-ended nature of our token issuance is much like the closed-ended funds seen in the public markets today.
How it works

1.) Contribute to the ICO

Send Ethereum, Bitcoin or Fiat currencies and in turn receive PropCoin tokens.

2.) exposure to Real Estate

Working with industry leading advisors, PropCoin will wholly invest in and own property as part of its proprietary fund.

3.) Receive Dividends

Benefit from rental income and property capital growth by receiving quarterly dividends in the form of ETH airdrops.


Stability and security through one of the world's first truly asset backed cryptocurrencies.

0% Team Allocation

Unlike other ICOs, 0% of PropCoins will be distributed to the team.


PropCoin are working with leading law and tax firms to create a fully regulatory compliant crypto solution.



Investment from Pi Labs

PropCoin selected to be part of Pi Lab's 'Cohort 6' - a highly selective start-up accelerator run by Europe's first venture capital fund that focuses purely on property tech.

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PropCoin will conduct a limited access pre ICO to accredited investors. Unlike other ICOs, PropCoin will not provide a discount, but early investors will be rewarded with a superior dividend over the lifetime of their holding.


Pre ICO investment

Using our network of industry leading advisors, the pre ICO funds will be invested into varied real estate projects in the UK.


Main ICO opens

Following consultations with our legal and tax advisors, PropCoin will launch our full ICO. This will be compliant from a regulatory perspective and all investors will have to complete both KYC and AML checks.


Funds deployed

The full sum raised during the ICO will be invested into property projects.


Dividend paid

Returns generated from rental income and property capital growth will be distributed to coin holders in the form of an Ethereum airdrop.


Fund management

Leveraging our network of property, legal and financial advisors, the fund will be managed according to prevailing financial conditions.

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